Passionate About Inspiring Others

I am not a well rounded person, I do not skydive or deep sea fish. In fact I am afraid of both heights and octopus! I do however have a talent for helping high performance athletes be seen by the right coach at the right time.

Generally I work with (and coach) hockey, karate, lacrosse & kickboxing. They all go hand in hand as all include fighting and sticks...

The foundation of my coaching experience started in martial arts, teaching not only protective and sport technique, but also the importance of ones’ role in society. During my sport career I have taught and competed in Canada, USA, Bermuda, Korea & Japan. Courteous interaction with others both in and out of competition, emotional self-control, spiritual development & mental preparedness all play key parts in my programs that I teach.

My Coaching philosophy goes beyond the ice surface/ training mat as I strive to teach young athletes that being an elite player is a full time job. I believe in teaching that an 'elite player' covers their attitude at home, academics, and being socially responsible in addition to their performance in the game.

I place high importance on the extra attributes of the athlete for example: their mannerisms, how they dress when arriving at a venue, first impressions when meeting Coaches, how they stand for our National Anthem and how they present themselves on social media.

‘Life Artistry’ is the basis of my Coaching philosophy.


I have worked as a high performance sport evaluator in Western Canada, hosted scouting events, taught workshops relating to NCAA educational requirements as well as regularly teach anti-bullying, spatial and concussion awareness workshops.

In addition to being a successful international competitor in my chosen sport I have also worked with other National teams. The most recent was being the Host for Team Switzerland (hockey) when they were in Canada for the Hlinka-Gretzky Cup.

I know 100% what it takes to make it to the absolute top of your game. I know the elation of the win; I also know the pain of trying to do one more repetition; nearly crying because your body aches so much. I know how to push an athlete past the wall because I also know firsthand what it is like to hit that wall.

I understand what it takes to get noticed. If you need to get your child seen by the right coach, contact me. I can help you. 


  • Professional Sport Management - Intl. Olympic Committee 


  • NCCP Karate, Hockey & Lacrosse Coach


  • Anti-Bullying & self defense instructor

  • Former International Karate Gold Medalist

  • Past High Performance Sport Committee Member


Western Canada Based, Available for Travel

​Tel: 780.264.5281


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