Are You Training With Your Child Athlete?

Having a pleasant vacation I hope?

A few weeks off until the next wave of sport tryouts hit, my family is really enjoying the time at home after work….. just time together. We just picked up a new fire pit and had the chance to try it out the other evening, wonderful!


Is your child on a holiday from training as well or has he/she been keeping the cardio, speed & agility drills going? This is a crucial time for your child you know (I mention that every chance I get because it’s true!). If your child is not training they will be behind those that are.

Everyone needs a break of course; no one wants to get bored or burnt out from constant, focused training. Your child’s training doesn’t have to either. But they should be training during the ‘off months’ (if there is such a thing anymore).

Spice it up a bit. Hit Youtube and do a search for dryland training drills. Look at physical development drills or speed & agility drills…. The possibilities are endless!

Now to further push this along I will ask the title question. Are YOU training with your child athlete?

“What?!?… umm… me? … No I couldn’t possibly, I mean I have this belly and a bum leg…..”

Yes, you. I know that you are busy and after work you would like to sip an ice-cold drink, relaxing in the back yard. However….

Your child has a deepened passion for a particular sport; and naturally you are focused on helping him/her succeed. So if you are supporting them as they spend their off season working out to maintain their conditioning; wouldn’t it be supportive of you to join in on the dryland workouts?

No one is suggesting you start running a marathon at first of course (unless you WANT to!); rather why not show your dedication to your child as they develop by being along side them for the training?

Not only is this a healthy alternative to sitting on your butt all summer you get to spend quality time with your child helping them build lean muscle & work towards an achievable goal.

I started working out with my three children. We do a 1.2 KM run daily after work, and try out varied routines throughout the week.

As part of their daily ‘chores’ they do the 100-100-100. That is:

• One Hundred Push-ups

• One Hundred Sit-ups

• One Hundred Squats

The oldest has morphed since we started this, he has bumped up to 200 of each plus 100 pull ups at the local playground.

It has become so natural now for us that as soon I get in from work my oldest asks what kind of drills we will be doing. The improvement I have noticed in myself is amazing too! I never thought that helping my children with training would be so beneficial to me!

Train with your children during the off season; it will be of definite value to you AND your child. Do not let this opportunity to spend time with your child pass you by, as a parent of older kids I can tell you the times goes by so quick.



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