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Updated: Apr 4

Hello Athletes & Parents/Guardians; During this time myself and the (small) staff of are now offering no-cost access to our paid program; no catch...... we have decided to give out our program to players and parents looking to learn how to be seen by the right Coach.

To watch the video that goes along with this post visit my YouTube channel by clicking here.

To listen to or to download the podcast visit my site on Anchor by clicking here.

While the sport season may be on hold, your research and information learning should not. While we are in the same situation as many of you, (hopefully) working from home & spending quality time with family. Let's take this 'reset' as a gift and plan for the next phase of your athletic career. While maintaining physical distance, step out your front door, close your eyes and take a deep breath ~ life will get back to normal! Please stay safe, keep yourself and your loved ones from exposure to COVID 19. Naturally practice basic hygiene by washing hands, covering a cough, avoid touching our faces and keeping distance from others while sick. While this virus is disrupting our routines, our activities and our ability to freely move and do what we want to do; let's take this time by learning how YOU can be seen by the right Coach, no matter what sport you are playing.

For a limited time I am giving all access to one of our most popular programs. Getting Noticed 101. Here is how you can read and learn:

Step 1: On the top right hand side of this browser page you will see the Log In option. Click that.

Step 2: Follow the instructions and sign up.

Step 3: Once you have successfully signed up, click the down arrow on the right and from the drop-down box, hot the Profile tab.

Step 4: Your profile page will open and there is a menu bar running down the left hand side, scroll to the bottom and you will see Getting Noticed; click that.

Step 5: Read the first page and follow the lesson plans that follow. All the instructions will be given on the Getting Noticed and Lesson pages. Podcast & video links are in the lesson pages.

As I convert the lessons into this platform I will post updates. Please be sure to send me a message for feedback and assistance. Enjoy & best of luck for your athletics!


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